Scott Wallis

Secret Corruption
Book detailing corruption in the American legal system and how it affects every American

Scott Wallis is writing an exposé on abuses and corruption in the legal system in the tradition of investigative journalists and social reformers such as Ida Tarbell, Woodward and Bernstein, Susan B. Anthony, Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King, Jr. and many others.
Kingdom Yearly Economic Summit, Convener

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Endorsements & Description

This book is a powerful personal testimony and real life drama...[and] has been an asset, for reference,[] it is also a great read, and an eye opener... better than any other book I have read on this topic.
Gottalife International

"This book will refresh and revive you to the beginning stages of a new revolution!"
Identity Network, Inc., President

"I recommend this book to everyone who is concerned about truth and justice being smothered and suppressed within the U.S."
Pray California, Director

"I urge everyone who desires that America returns to its Just Foundation to purchase this book and let your voice be heard!"
Member of Congress (ret.), 1977-81
United States Ambassador, 1987-88
Mohandas K. Gandhi Peace Award, 1996
Author, A Deadly Misunderstanding, 2008
"I commend this book to you, if you can keep your blood pressure under control: as you read it, you will share the outrage Scott expresses."
Business Owner
A Clarion Call for the necessity of reforming the legal system. SECRET CORRUPTION is a provocative, insightful and honest look at America's legal system from the perspective of an outsider, a non-attorney, someone who is an experienced pro se litigator. In its pages, you will also discover a real life drama containing a detailed investigation into the collective "groupthink" that exists among attorneys and judges. And, you will discover how the litigation industry has become one of our nation's largest, a Multi-Trillion Dollar business. Litigation is BIG business! And, the litigation industry has become our nation's most corrupt enterprise, a place where dishonesty, bribery and corruption reigns.

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